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2 2d Artist August 2011

2d Artist - concept art, digital & matte painting magazine, Issue 68 , August 2011

Maciej Kucuara
             This month's interview with one of the favorite artist Maciej Kucuara

He is from poland and video came professional. He told 3d is easier to model interesting creatures or environments from his own concept. The direction the tablet market is going and I'm excited to see how this market will look in a few years time.

And also in this issue the sketch book of Ian McQue lot of his sketches are explined
To know more about him visit

The Gallery : ( 2d Artist )

In this section we feature the 10 of the best digital images of the following
Artist Name                    Drawing Name                                        Web link
Gia Nguyen Hoang           Dragon Hatchery                
Markus Lovadina             Satori                                 
Ivan Kashubo                   Techadept                         
JXing                                Brothers Black and White
Shaddy Safadi                  Emerald Pools                    
Martin Klekner                 Dreaming of Paper Aeroplane
Laliashvili Ivan                  Fantasy World      
Jama Jurabaev                  Fear                                   
Rune Mansson                 CARGorilla No.625           
David Munoz Velazquez  White Walker                     

In this issue we know how to create Tribal Warrior Painting -> Native American
Previous two chapters we learned Characters Aztec and Maori.
Chapter 03 : Native American
Software used : Photoshop

From 9 steps we know how to create native american tribal warrior painting

Cover Story
Pin-up art has dominated digital art forums for years.
Previous three chapters ( may,june,july issues) we learned Military , Classic and Heavy Metal.
In this issue we know how to create Sci-Fi Pin-up art. 
The following steps are used.
From 10 steps like The Sketch , colors abd Lights , Flesh Tones, The Outfit, Rocket, sTars and Halo .

Matte Painting
Matte Painting is becoming more and more important in the CG Industry
Prevous issues - June - Concept , July Adding the Sky were learn.
This month issue we learn how to add elements using the software photoshop. From the 12 steps are used to create elements
To know more


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