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2 Practical Photoshop July 2011

Practical Photoshop July 2011 - sensational Images Made Simple

7 photoshop image around the world- in this the creative person give some information about the imagery, software(Photoshop and lightroom) details and technical tips about the image also.

Porfolio of Shana Rae from USA , using Photoshop CS5
Her passion  is photography, she started his photography carrier in 2007 , his lot of photographs with photoshop works in printed in greeting cards .To see more of her photoshop work click

Using Layers Explain detailed about layers - 5 tips given for building a image with layers . Nicely at the same very simple also

Master Layer and Masks
       In this , we creative stunning multi-layered image from the individual images, from  7 layer images we getting beautiful image. The following steps are used there.
a. Adjustment Layers - clipping masks
     In this we  know all the layer adjustments like color balance, curve , Hue / Saturation like all
b. Master Layer Masks
     step by step blend images using layer masks - in this the entire details about the layers , layer group , layer panels , adjustment layers
c. Understand Blend Modes
     In this master all the 27 blend modes like normal, multiply, screen , overlay colour .... etc.
d. Create Type Layers
    From the 12 styles will get idea of text layer effect.

Creative Project - Creating amazing light trails

This tutorial will explain how to add glow effects to shapes and create light streak. Using five tools ( Layer style, Adjustment Layer, Gradient Editor , Pen Tool, Layer Mask ) to complete this project.18 steps are followed to create the Amazing Light Trails
See Image

Fndamentals  - Gets Things in perspective
 In this we learn warped lines and skewed perspective
 correct the distroction , lens correction also. Transform : Skew and Pespective
Fast Fixes
In this session , know how to create photoshop action . For this in photoshop go to window menu click on the action button, popup menu will appear. Then use create new action , what you want to record do that it will automatically.
The Natural Look 
Every  issue of Practical Photoshop megazine will uncover the secrets of Digital Art Images. In this issue, we learn  the natural look.
Preparing the Assets like greenery ,  trees , park chair also.
Refine the Details: Its explained give lights and shadows , where ever need there andn blending also.
Make a Retro Contact sheet : In this we know how to make contact sheet like old school fashion photo. First we have to design the layout and select the images which is to be used. Then fine tune the selected images .
Tool School : Every issue of practical photoshop magazine , one section is there to explain the tool. current issue we know how to use Healing Tool. Healing toll is mainly used to speedy image

The healing tools are great to work on an image at speed
Perfect Portraits with healing tools
We can remove the Belmishes using the healing tools
Displace Filter : In this issue , know how to use displace filter in the Menu Filter>Distort>Displace. This filter is used to mapping the light and shade of the One image to another image
Creative Project : Turn a cityspace into an overgrown jungle.In this will learn how to copy a channel and use the colour information. From 17 steps Turn london into a jungle

Every Practical Photoshop issue having one section is Artist Insight Pros share their secrets
Artist Insight : In this section we know the following
In Photo Manipulation
Using Liquify filter
Photo effects
Layer Blends

Post Production :Turn a Day scene into night time

Image Review : In this section pros are rate the work.
Montage Advice
Image Blending
portfolio Surgery

Creative Projecct : Turn a photo into water colour painting by David Cole
From 3 stages using 24 steps to convert photo to water colour painting

Practical Photoshop Review

Digital SLR :

Nikon D5100 16.2 Mp rated 4 star
D5100 has excellent noise control and produces high quality images
web :

Dclimbs J Comic Creator 2.2
Create a Manga comic background without knowing how to draw with this plug-in
web :

Alien Skin Bokeh2
Blur backgrounds or simulate expensive lenses with this newly improved backgrounds
web :

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo
ColorMunki Photo  is used to calibrate the monitor and printer, so the colours on the screen match those from the Printer . Rated 5 star
web :

Graphic Table
Hanvon SenTIP 1201 WD
The touch-sensitive screen allows for more accurate image enhancements, but the orice makes this table luxure . Rated 3 star
web :

Good, Better, Best Hybrid Cameras

Sony NEX-5 18-55mm - slimline hybird with good image quality . Rated 3 star.
Practical Photoshop says: The NEX-5 boasts very good build quality and slimline design butlacks some key extra features
web :

Samsung NX11, 18-55mm OIS - Intuitive and packed with built-in features
Practical Photoshop says: Worth a look, the NX11 boasts plenty of enticing add-ons and its i-Function lens is neat. Rated 4 star
web : 

Panasonic DMC-GH2, 14-140mm MegaOIS - All-rounder with something for everyone
Practical Photoshop says: It's hard to find fault with this cracking hybrid. A grear camera for all levels of photographer. Rated 4 star
web :

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1 Photoshop User July 2011

The adobe photoshop "How to" Magzine

Down and Dirty Tricks

Revets and Seams and Dents. oh My!
We are using 13 steps to do this

Smurfs Type Effect
We are using 10 steps create this kind of 3d Text

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo
We are using seven steps to add tattoo in the skin

The Art of the Collage - Cover Story
we are using twenty five steps to create this collage

Beginners Workshop
Faux Dodge and Burn - We learn faux dodge and burn from seven steps

Classic Effects
Retro Art Elements - We create retro art elements from fourteen steps

From Bert's Studio Magic of Layer Style
Deke Space - We using eight steps to create a Hammered Metal Background
Photoshop Mastery - Transforming a Panorama into a Movie - Nine steps to be follow to create a panorama into movie
After the Shoot - Creating a templates with smart object - using 13 steps to create that

Creative point of View - stretch, Blend and Shape IT
a. Stretching and Transforming
b. Shaping and Modeling

Digital Photographer's Notebook
We are using 8 steps to create stunning creatives.

The Fine art of Printing
Navigating printer devices - The Photoshop Route, The Epson Route , Advanced Block and White Printing , proofing are the methods for fine art printing

Beyond Photoshop
Creating Little planets and Crystal Balls -the following steps are used .
Cropping and Straitening , Retouching the seam , Converting to Polar Co-ordinates

Photoshop and the Web. - The art of Watermark - In this will know from seven steps put watermark on the our images

INDESIGN Tutorials
Create a Print and interactive Photo Book , Sixteen steps are used here to develop this . From this we can publish specially

Adobe Photoshop - Light Room Section
Guest tutorials - create iPad Ready Portfolios
Today's technology allow photographers to have their portfolios with them at all times. From four steps we publish the images

Under the Loupe - Customize the Display of Metadata
The metadata panel is go-to place for seeing all of the metadata associated with photos.

And in this issue having Product Review

a. Corel Painter 12
- A New World of Creativity for the Digital Artist - Painter 12 has some big changes to the brush zone

b. Perfectly clear Photoshop Plug-in 1.5 - Auto Image correction , Getting images to look their best and brightest , appropriately , can be challenging

C.HP Z210 Small Form Factor Workstation

The Z210 is designed to be a entry level - budget-mind pc. This pc is definitely worth checking out if you want to maximize production on a tight budget.

d. Canon EOS Refel T31 W/18-55 MM IS II Lens -
For the advanced consumer , this camera is dream.
e.Fundy Album Maker - Album Design Software - Album maker helps photoshop used to create complete and accurate album pages in fraction of seconds
f.Epson Stylus PRO 9000 - High Quality Inkjet Printer
Plus : Print Quality and 2.5" LCD Screen
Minus : Problems with front and back paper feed
Photoshop TIPS

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1 CG Arena July / August 2011

In this issue we will learn some interesting tutorials.
Subjects : Maya, 3ds MAx, Photoshop , Softimage


In this tutorial , we will know how to create a character called Natalie , using Photoshop. Following steps to do

Sketching the character
Choosing the Colours
Painting Face and Hair
Rendering Materials
Final Touch also

Soft Image

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a Model Pink Converse using Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk SoftIimage. The following steps to make


Maya -
Making of a Day using Maya

In this tutorial , we have to collect the reference images

Texturing and Shading
Linear Workflow also


Making of Undercity

Using 3ds max and Mental Ray software

Making of Daydreamer

Using Photoshop to create a Daydreamer . The following steps to be follow

The Main feeling on the picture
Light and Atmosphere

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0 3D World - July 2011

In this issue

Images and Opinion from the readers

Comment and Analysis from the CG Industry

Practical Tutorials to 3D Skils

Review – New Technology – Maya , Maxwell Render 5.5 , After Effects CS5.5

Features – HDRI – High Dynamic Range Images

Images and Opinion from the readers

Portfolio pictures

Infocus – Pictures

Comment and Analysis from the CG Industry

FMX Opens ource

Open Source shines at FMX

May 16th 2011 , FMX conference once again brought Europe’s leading CG artists and illustrations visitors from the World’s major production centres to the streets of Stuttgart. The city hosted four days of screenings , practical workshops, presentations and debates

The Filter

Zbrush 4R2- Update to the Digital sculpting tool Developer : Pixologic

Atrium Designer Real time Rendering in 3ds Max (2010 up) Developer : Lumatix

Recoil Dynamics plug-in for Modo 501 Developer : Luxology

Blender 2.57 Open Source to 3D package Developer : Blender

Golaem crowd High end crowd simulation for Maya Developer : Golaem

Vue 9.5 Professional Environment creation Developer : e-on software

Wonders of Universe

Wonders of Universe are created by Maya and After Effects .

Prize Draw

In this issue 3D world and Autodesk are offering the chance to win a copy of Autodesk Entertainment Creative Suite 2012 Premium. To win , simply fill in our online entry form in Closing Date August 15th 2011. T & C Apply

Practical Tutorials to 3D Skils

Make a garden in 3ds Max

Games Character Modelling tips

Fundaments of 3ds Max Lighting

Model a sci-fi weapon in ZBrush

Dynamic Animation in Cinema 4D

Make a garden in 3ds Max

Custom plant forms in 3ds Max tutorials explained detailed in 7 stages with 13 videos

To watch online

Games Character Modeling tips

Games character modeling explained in 18 tips. It will very useful to us.

Fundamentals of 3ds Max Lighting

To watch online

Sculpt a sci-fi weapon prop in ZBrush

With in 4 hour from 23 videos will lean create a weapon model in Zbrush

To watch online

Q & A relates to Maya, Photoshop , After Effects , Mudbox, Cinema 4D

Dynamic Animation in Cinema 4D

Dynamic Animation in Cinema 4D for Cinema 4D R12 explained in 4 stage with 29 steps

To watch online :

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0 3d Creative Magazine - July 2011

This issue cover story is Classical Sculpture

This month issue explain the following in the Magazine

10 3D artworks ,

Lowpoly Charaters – Texturing

Cartoon animals

Classical Sculpture

Modeling Human Anatomy

10 3D artworks

10 famous artwork which is used worldwide

Lowpoly Charaters – Texturing

Chapter 1 : May 2011 - Creating the concept and Modeling

Chapter 2 : June 2011 - Mapping

Chapter 3 : July 2011 - Current issue – Texturing

Chapter 4 : August 2011 - Rendering and Presentation

Lowpoly Charaters – Texturing – Software used : Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, DeepPaint, Marmoset Toolbag, Adobe Premiere and Faogen

Cartoon Animals

In this issue cartoon animals we are using 3ds Max and Zbrush to create a character Mosquito.

Classical Sculpture

In this issue we learn Roman Sculpture texturing using the software Zbrush

Modeling Human Anatomy

Chapter 1 : April 2011 – Ears

Chapter 2 : May 2011 - Eyes

Chapter 3 : June 2011 - Hair

Chapter 4 : July 2011 - current issueHands

Forthcoming issues August and September will learn Feet and Skin

Modeling Hands step by step guide to using softwares 3ds Max , Maya, Cinema 4D and modo.

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