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0 3d Creative August 2011

3dcreative - August 2011

In This issue - Interview with Sam Yang

During his high school years , he loved to draw my favorite characters
His quote is

1. " As artist,It's important that we try to step away from what's already been seen    and introduce things that are fresh and unique "

2. Learning how other artists approach their contest pieces is another great way to improve your skills as an artist.

Sam Yand website is : http://www.cg-sammu.net/

This month issue , in The Gallery section we feature
Maarten Verhoeven            Trailer Park Queen                 http://mutte.cghub.com/        
John-Mark Gibbons           Dino Baby                              http://www.johnmarkgibbons.com/
Casper Thomsen                The Marauder                          http://3d-artist.dk/
Klimov Alexey                   God of Synthetic Gravity          http://jips3d.daportfolio.com/
Livio Rajh                          All roads leads to Rome           http://cigians.com/
Wesclei Barbosa                Giant                                        http://wesclei.com/wordpress/
Gun Phil Park                     Guitarist                                  http://www.oxcube.com/cgpark
David Moratilla                   Close-up Portriat                       http://www.davidmoratilla.com/
Jacinto Monteiro                 Faup Path to Konwledge          http://www.metrocubicoblog.com/
3Devotion - Claude Kongs
/ David Horbach                 Villa Exterior Visualtisation        http://www.3devotion.com/

Low Poly Characters
Previous three issues we learned
Creating the Concept and Modeling - May Issue
Mapping - June issue
Texturing - July issue

In this issue - we know Rendering and Presentation
Software used : Maya, Photoshop , Zbrush, Deep Paint, Marmoset Toolbag, Adobe Premiere and Faogen
From 19 steps will learn how to create rendering
To know more visit : http://first-keeper.livejournal.com/

Cartoon Animals

Creating a cartoon animals is a starting point , who wants to learn 3D.
Previuos issue we learned Mosquito .
This month issue we will know creating a cartoon - Emu
Software used : 3ds Max and ZBrush
First we have to design and sketch the character which is we want to do
Then working with details, choosing colours , detailing the design, Lighting the design.
For More details : http://www.yar-design.com/

VUE - Environment Creation
Vue is a fantastic software that is being usedin the moview instustry to create and environement. In this month issue ( Chapeter 01 ).
Software used : Vue
From 25 steps used to create a realistic bay environment
For more visit : http://www.alexpopescu.net/

Making of Mercedes-Benz 300SL(1955)
Software used : 3dsMax 2009 and Photoshop
From the 10 steps we create a Mercedes-Benz 300SL(1955)
to know more visit : http://www.rebro-art.com/

Modeling features of the Human Anatomy 

Previous 4 issues April - Ears, May - Eyes, June - Hair , July - Hands and this month issue we will know - how to create Feet
Chafter 05 - Feet  

Software used : 3ds Max .
From  10 steps we will learn how to create feet in 3ds Max
To know more : http://josemlazaro.com/

Software used : Maya 
In Maya also we using 10 steps for create a feet. 
To Know more : http://www.gavimage.com/

Software used : Cinema 4D
From 10 steps to be used to create a feet in Cinema 4D
To know more http://www.linomasciulli.com/

Software used : modo
From 9 steps to be used to create a feet in  modo

To know more : http://anto-toni.cgsociety.org/gallery/


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